At Chabad Hebrew School we help create Jewish pride and spiritual connections that last a lifetime. Our non-judgmental, friendly and inclusive policy means every Jewish child is welcome, regardless of affiliation, religious observance, or prior knowledge. Our diverse student body provides a setting where each child is comfortable and able to learn at a relaxed pace.

Areas of Academic Emphasis Include:   

Hebrew Alphabet                                                                        

Our Hebrew reading curriculum is based on the internationally acclaimed Aleph Champion™ Reading Program.Aleph Champ. This highly motivational system is time-tested and proven to be the fastest and most effective method of teaching Hebrew reading and writing to the North American child. 

Our Hebrew School is proud to use the Aleph Champ Reading Program. Based on the martial arts philosophy of colour-coded levels and testing, the Aleph Champ program provides motivation and inspiration for students to succeed at their own pace. Children begin with the white level, practicing the first half of the aleph-bet and move through the ten levels, ending with reading fluently.  

Below, please find the break-down of the levels so you can see your child’s progress. Award ceremonies take place three times during the year, as is posted in the school calendar.  

Aleph Champion Levels  
White: Master first 18 letters of Aleph Bet

Red: Master all 32 letters of Aleph Bet

Orange: Master first 3 vowels with their letter combinations

Yellow: Master first 6 vowels with their letter combinations

Green: Master first 9 vowels with their letter combinations

Blue: Master all vowels and exceptions

Purple: Master basic prayers

Brown: Master reading higher level prayers

Grey: Master reading from the siddur in timed fashion

Black: Master reading 100 words per minute correctly

For children who have mastered these levels, our continued curriculum includes conversational Hebrew.

Jewish History  
An overview of Jewish history starting with creation, to the giving of the Torah, to modern day Israel will be taught through interactive stories and art projects.    
Bible Stories   
Study of various Torah portions & stories to pique the children’s interest   
Our students understand that Israel is not just another country but our own homeland; a land that is truly the “Promised Land”, both spiritually and physically.   
Jewish Culture  
The students gain an appreciation of our heritage and culture that has been preserved throughout the ages through various cultural crafts, literature, and songs, presented throughout the year.   
Jewish Song & Dance  
Through Song and dance, our students are taught to develop an enjoyment and understanding of a variety of both traditional and Israeli songs. Each song is taught through rhythm, movement and educational activities.    

Chesed - Social Action  
Through projects focused on sharing and giving, the students will form a special relationship with other Jewish children around the world, experiencing first hand, how they can make a difference in another child’s life.    
Holidays & Shabbat  
Hands-on lessons on each Jewish holiday will fill the calendar as we begin with learning about the High Holidays and continue throughout the year.  By the end of the year, the students will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of each holiday, its traditions and customs, and on Shabbat, and its special meaning to the Jewish people.  
Jewish Values & Ethics 
Beginning with the origins of the Mitzvot, students will explore, read, and discuss practical applications of good deeds, and ways of bringing it into the life of a little child. Children will understand that our religion is based on a G‑d given set of values and morals, and will gain an appreciation for their meaning.    
Extra Curricular Activities  
A point system based on in-class and out-of-class participation will allow students to reach different award levels, and receive both class incentives, and individual prizes.  
Chabad Hebrew School will offer a variety of extracurricular activities such as Friday night dinners, family fun days, Holiday celebrations, and contests.  These events will allow our students to experience Judaism in the context of a community


Every child enjoys individual attention from instructors who are carefully selected for their abilities to connect with, appropriately assess, and cater to the needs of each student.


Our superior faculty is comprised of highly motivated teachers with a proven track record of caring, devotion, and academic expertise.


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