My Aleph Preschool is a Jewish childcare where every child is a blossoming flower. Our curriculum blends a range of methodologies, providing a holistic approach to education. We focus on the individuality of each child, tailoring their experience to best suit their needs and interests. Our facility is open and inviting, with centers for exploration, dramatics, art, music and more. Our play area has many Montessori inspired toys, which encourage independent exploration and skill building. Our teaching philosophy includes several key factors which form a cohesive learning experience for our students. 

Individualized Attention

Every child flourishes in My Aleph Preschool, and their talents and abilities are nurtured to their fullest potential. Our low teacher to student ratio allows us to form meaningful relationships with the children, giving them the care and attention they need to thrive and grow. Individualized teaching modalities are incorporated for each child to learn and succeed in the manner that is best for them. Our classroom has many centers where children can do activities at their own pace, and then regroup with the rest of class for group activities. 

Positive Atmosphere

The learning environment in My Aleph Preschool is always calm and happy. Our teachers have relaxed demeanors, balanced with passion and excitement. The positive energy in the class is reflected in the joy the children feel when they walk through the doors, and that excitement remains throughout the entire day. Our calming corner is a place where children can go to relax and refocus in cases of misbehavior, allowing them to take accountability for their actions in a calm manner. Children feel safe and content while learning, playing and sleeping in My Aleph Preschool. 

Teachers as Active Learners

The teaching style of My Aleph Preschool has significant influence from the Emilia Reggio approach, where teachers take an active role in learning along with the children. This fosters the children’s natural curiosity and helps them absorb and understand the world around them. This environment encourages each child to become an independent learner and contribute to their surroundings. 

Hands-on Jewish Experiences

My Aleph Preschool is a Jewish institution that is rooted in the values of the Torah. The children take pride in their Jewish heritage through interactive, multi-sensory experiences that bring Jewish values and customs to life. This includes activities for Jewish holidays, Shabbat parties, Challah baking, giving charity and doing many Mitzvot in our classroom. Our Mitzvah tree, filled with Mitzvah notes that parents send from home describing their children’s good deeds, encourages them to take pride in the Mitzvot that they do. It also encourages good behavior at home, with values that carry over at home and in school. Our students leave My Aleph Preschool with a sense of Jewish pride and connection to Judaism and the land of Israel. 

Learn Through Play

Our play-based learning facility includes many centers where children can express themselves and learn while they play. This setup allows children to follow their natural curiosity and absorb information from their surroundings. In this manner, our students gain physical, intellectual, social and emotional skills. 

Values and Social Justice

Our learning environment places a strong emphasis on kindness and tolerance, which are core Jewish values. This begins with the teachers, who treat the children with respect and dignity. Integrity is a foundational principle that the teachers inculcate within the students by example. Children learn the value of social justice and tolerance for others, embracing diversity and understanding the importance of unity. 

Family Inclusion

My Aleph Preschool caters to more than just the child in our class. The parents and families of our children have become a close community. We host events for the preschool families, and parents are invited to play an active role in the preschool.