My Aleph Preschool is a state licensed preschool serving the educational needs of children two to five years old.  Our mission is to provide a warm and happy Jewish environment where your child’s unique style of learning and developing is valued and nurtured.   Through song and dance, stories and discussions, the precious legacy of their uniqueness as Jews is transmitted. Our approach allows us to offer a stimulating environment where your child will be encouraged to develop intellectually, emotionally and physically. A day in the life of a Chabad Preschooler is truly an adventure!  Backed by all the latest research and educational trends, the children enjoy a play-based curriculum and are encouraged to explore, to manipulate, to experiment, to create, to problem solve and to interact socially throughout each day.


Our classroom environment follows the Creative Curriculum, which fosters a hands-on approach to learning and discovery. Our low student-teacher ratio ensures that each child receives individual and caring attention.   Each of our children is seen as an individual, and thus given the respect and attention needed to develop and grow. Learning styles and individual interests are respected and addressed as teachers plan for the educational experience that will take place.  


As the magical years of early childhood are respected and honored, children build a strong sense of self, which the children take with them far beyond their early childhood years.   Yet, most importantly, at the heart of the program, is our desire to nurture in our children a concern, kindness and sensitivity for their fellow human beings.