"I put my daughter in school when she was almost 3 and I was so nervous but oh my goodness what a good decision! She loved going there every single day. She would run up the path and excitedly wait to be let in. She loved Morah Chanie, who is so sweet, patient, kind and loving. Everything was clean and the environment was such a loving, warm environment. Every day when we dropped her off, we knew she was in the best hands! Thank you so much for giving our child a fantastic year!"

                                                                                                                                                 -  Mini Dagan, parent 

 "My Aleph Preschool is an amazing place for kids to grow. All three of my girls attended Aleph preschool programs, some attended the full program and some part time. The preschool provides a safe environment for playing, sleeping and learning.

Chanie is a great natural educator. She is calm, experienced and her personality effects the entire classroom in a beautiful harmonic way. The kids are calm, happy, and excited to stay there throughout the day.

Chanie has combined multiple teaching styles. She works with the kids as individuals and as a group. There's a reason behind the setup of the room. The curriculum is fully planned for the year, yet Chanie finds the time and resources to add to the curriculum based on each and every child's interest they show.

Kids are treated with utmost respect and most importantly with integrity while there.

The preschool is cleaned daily, the bathrooms are being sanitized after every student, and the staff is following the COVID-19 county guidelines.

The meals and snacks are balanced and rich with fruit, vegetables, and whole grains.

Birthdays, Jewish holidays, and Shabbat ate SUPER amazing at Aleph Preschool. Chanie is attentive and takes any input/ feedback in the most noble way.

I feel comfortable recommending Aleph Preschool to anyone who cares about those things."

                                                                                                                                            - Selli Kisos,   parent


"My Aleph Preschool was just the answer to my prayers!!! I found Chanie and her team of teachers by pure luck. It was so much more than a preschool. Its more like a family, they treat my kids like their own. My kids have learned manners, they've learned their alphabet and numbers and so much more. Happy kids, happy life!

                                                                                                                                            - Sharona Laherrere, parent